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  • Protects all platforms

    From YouTube to other major platforms, Mewpot protects the usage of the music and sound effects. Wherever you use the assets, Mewpot protects the rights of the use.

  • In-house production
    + 200 music every month

    Mewpot’s Background Music and Sound Effects are produced by Mewpot’s prestigious producers. Plus, Mewpot gathers feedback and trend information from various platforms and fields. Mewpot develops, produces, and uploads audio tracks according to those trends.

  • License for all
    different subscriptions

    Access Mewpot according to the specified license provided. Mewpot protects the rights of the users accordingly to the lincense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up for Mewpot?


    You can sign up for Mewpot with the “sign up” button on the top right corner of our main page

  • What is Mewpot?


    Mewpot is a Sound asset subscription company for video producers and corporations. Mewpot has diverse music and sound effects that fits people’s needs for their videos.

  • How many platforms can one account cover?


    The amount of account coverage differs by which membership you choose to subscribe. Creator Membership covers 1 account for each plaform, pro covers unlimited, pro + covers 10 accounts, and enterprise differs.

  • What happnes to the music after the subscription is over?


    After the end of the subscription, you are not able to use Mewpot’s assets in further videos. However, this does not mean that we do not protect the videos produced before the end of the subscription.

  • What is Contents ID (CID)?


    Contents ID(CID) is a YouTube system to protect the copyrights. We use this CID to protect your videos that are uploaded on YouTube. You might get a CID warning from YouTube when you do not use our assets according to the license provided by us. However, the warning is soemtimes sent to those who properly use the music accordingly. This is not because you violated the rules. It means that YouTube’s system acknowledges your use and is going through the process of the CID. The restriction will be over in few hours, but if it does not get solved please contact our sales team. We will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

  • Can I protect my client’s YouTube channel?


    Yes you can with a proper membership. With our Pro membership, you can protect your client’s YouTube channel.

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