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you will receive
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Benefits I receive

A recommended friend
If you subscribe to a 1-year membership,
Earn points!

  • When recommending less than 10 people

    Level benefits apply.

    · Earn unlimited up to $60.00 points per recommended friend

    • Creator

      10.00P ($)
    • Pro

      30.00P ($)
    • Pro +

      60.00P ($)
  • When recommending more than 10 people
    referral-discount_ambassador_wing__VRgqQ referral-discount_left__ATSik_alt
    referral-discount_ambassador_wing__VRgqQ referral-discount_right__BcPXS_alt

    You can upgrade to a higher level, and benefits will apply thereafter.

    · Earn unlimited up to $120.00 points per recommended friend
    · Current membership +1 year free extension
    · YouTube channel promotion available on Mewpot main page

    • Creator

      20.00P ($)
    • Pro

      50.00P ($)
    • Pro +

      120.00P ($)

Benefits for friends

Via my referral code
If you subscribe to a 1-year membership
My friend gets a 2 month extension!


Membership extension

+2 months

How to participate in the event

  • referral-discount_method_person_img__AFTPX_alt
    Want to recommend?
    Click the [Copy my referral link] button at the bottom.
    Click and forward to the friend you want to invite.
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    What if you were recommended?
    Through [recommended link] delivered to you
    Subscribe to the 1-year membership that applies to you

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Copy my referral link

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I receive points?


    Referrer points are paid after the recommended friend's purchase is confirmed without a refund within 7 days of subscription.

  • What is an Ambassador?


    During the one-year ambassador activity period, you will be paid a commission of approximately 20%, up from the existing approximately 10%, and you can extend your membership for one year for free.

  • What happens if I nominate 10 people during my ambassadorship period?


    If you recommend 10 people during the ambassador activity period, you can initially extend the benefit period by one year through the “Extend Ambassador” button. Please refer to the example below.

    2024-03-02 ~2025-03-01 | If you recommend 10 people at Basic level, you can be promoted to Ambassador level by clicking the “Upgrade” button

    2024-03-02 ~2025-03-01 | If you recommend 10 people at the Ambassador level, you can extend the benefit by clicking the “Extend Ambassador” button

    2025-03-01 ~ | At the end of the Ambassador period, you will return to Basic level. The friends you have recommended so far, excluding the 20 people previously used for promotions and extensions, will be saved and can be used for future benefits.)

  • Is there an expiration date on referral points?


    Referral points are valid for one year from the date of initial creation.

  • How can I use my referral points?


    Referral points can be used when extending Mewpot subscriptions, and they will be deducted from the next subscription amount by the number of points.