License Summary

Target of Use

If the target of the authorization is a user with a for-profit purpose other than the revenue of views, this license will be void.

Outsourced editors may not use this permission.

This Permit may not be used by anyone who intends to produce and provide the video to others. The recipient must obtain a permit himself.

This sound source may not be used for advertising purposes even on the platforms described below.

The purpose of the advertisement refers to a specific business (including churches, used car companies, freelancers, real estate, etc.) where the channel on which the video is posted, and includes the person who watches the video indirectly sees the effect of the promotion

Use for Online Video Platform

You can upload videos using sound sources by including credits with users' accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

You can share already registered images in a link or iframe manner.

Videos cannot be uploaded to the Platform with an account other than the account in the User's name.

Use it to Stream Videos

You can use the sound source for streaming using your account on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitch.

After you have finished streaming, the platform (ex. YouTube) to upload videos.

It can't be used for streaming on platforms other than YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch.

It is not available for streaming where the sound source is the mainstay

Use as Background Music for Website

It is not available as a website background music.

Use for games, apps, and software

It is not available for games, apps, or software.

Off-line Use

It is not available in offline locations.

It is not available in venues such as performances or exhibitions.

Use in Movies

It is not available for movies.

User for TV, Radio

It is not available on TV or radio. Separate inquiries are required.

Mewpot Free Music license

Version 2.3.1

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of this MEWPOT Free Sound Source License (hereinafter referred to as the "License") is to stipulate the non-exclusive rights to use the sound source between MEWPOT Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “Rightholder”) and the copyright user (the "User").

Article 2 Definitions

(1) The definitions of the terms used in this License are as follows:

1. The term MEWPOT Homepage means wired and wireless internet music services provided by the Rightholder (including web, mobile web and app services).

2. The term "Creating Revenue from Views" means generating revenue through TrueView in-stream advertisements and bumper advertisements within YouTube or through external video advertisements and sponsorship provided by Twitch.

3. The term Edited Video means a video containing the target work.

Article 3 Responsibilities of the User

(1) In the event that the User uses the work through this authorization, the User must indicate the phrase specified by the Rightholder.

Article 4 Scope of Permission to Use of Works

(1) During the License period, the User may upload and stream the video containing the free sound source of the MEWPOT along with the video material to an account in his or her name on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, or Twitch. Provided that it is not permitted to transmit the target work in a streaming manner that does not include the video material.

(2) The User may not use the target work in a commercial manner in any way other than to monetize the number of views. The following are examples of where the use of the Covered Work is permitted, but is no longer restricted:

1. In the case of generating revenue from views by uploading and transmitting a video containing the target work on the video platform (YouTube).

2. In the case of transmitting a non-profit video containing the target work on Instagram and Facebook.

3. In the case of sharing content using YouTube, Tiktok purging function, or iframe.

4. In the case that you use donation as the background music during your Twitch broadcast.

(3) The User shall not grant permission to use the video made using the target work beyond the scope authorized by this License. The following are examples of cases in which the use of a target work is not possible:

1. In the case that the User uploads a video containing the target work to YouTube and set the license to creative commons (Non-profit).

(4) The User may include the work in the video for the purpose of "assignment" during the License period and use it to the extent that it is not disclosed to the public.

1. It may be used for assignment purposes to the extent permitted by this License.

2. In the case that it is used outside the scope permitted by this License for the purpose of the task, the target work may be used with the separate permission of the Rightholder.

Article 5 Removal of Videos Containing Works

(1) In the case that Edited Video includes excessive sensationalism, violence, etc. or may violate the customs, the Rightholder may immediately restrict the use of the sound source without notice.

(2) The Edited Video cannot be used for advertising purposes. The following examples illustrate that the target work is not allowed to use and are not restricted:

1. In the case of promoting a product or service within the video for a price;

2. In the case of promoting the product in the description box shown with the video; and

3. In the case that the channel on which the video is uploaded refers to a specific company and the person who watched the video indirectly sees the effect of the promotion.

4. In the case of specify the inclusion of paid advertisements

(3) It is not possible to arbitrarily edit and recreate a work other than cropping the sound source and changing the speed of the sound source. The following are examples of prohibited in this regard, and are no longer restricted:

1. In the case of releasing a song with lyrics attached to the song;

2. In the case that a new instrument is added to the sound source; and

3. In the case of claiming copyright after changing the sound source.

(4) If the target work is not trusted, target work cannot be broadcast through TV or radio media.

Article 6 Restriction of the Form of Transfer of Works

(1) The User cannot send or duplicate works to third parties in a reusable form. The following example prohibits the use of the target work:

1. The User shall not transmit the form of a digital voice file containing the target work alone outside the homepage of the MEWPOT.

2. The User may not publicly transmit or reproduce the work to a third party for any purpose not specified in this License.

3. If you upload the mp3 file of the target work to the p2p torrent site and replicate it

(2) The User shall not transmit, receive, or reproduce works to or from third parties in a manner not prescribed in this Permit.

(3) The User cannot perform through products produced and sold.