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Cumulative 360 tickets/yr to receive Music and SFX!

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    30 Music (month)

    Accumulated monthly accumulation

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    Unlimited SFX


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    1 protection per platform

    1 account protection per platform to use

Creator Membership
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  • Video Platform

    Youtube, NaverTV , etc

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    Instagram, TikTok, etc

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    Twitch, Africa TV, etc

  • Competitions and assignments

    Subscription status at the time of submission

· You can make a profit on YouTube, and you don't have to write your credit when you use the video.
· It can only be used on the designated platform, and the contest must be paid at least once after the free experience.
· The downloaded sound source will not be available for new videos after revocation.
· Three PCs can be registered and cannot be accessed simultaneously.
· Businesses and business operators (after opening date) and outsourced Freelancers must use membership beyond business.
· subscription is applied and automatic payment is made every year.
· If you apply for a refund within 7 days of the last payment date, you can receive a full refund for the last subscription payment only if you do not have a download history.
· Music and SFX will be processed as soon as they are downloaded.
· Music with Mewpot in the artist's name among free music is available under a paid license.
· You can download 30 Music every month, and the paid ticket will be accumulated.
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Famous YouTubers
Why use Mewpot?

  • creator_review_first
    Since I only used free music, I felt like my videos were similar to other creators. After subscribing to the Mewpot, the video became colorful!
  • creator_review_second
    I used to look for free music here and there in the beginning, but after experiencing the yellow dollar sign, I've been using it only as safe music. Be careful about copyrights!
  • creator_review_third
    I thought 30 songs would be lacking, but it was enough. It's a hobby, so I don't know when I won't do it, but I'm relieved that the video I posted before can be protected even if I cancel the subscription. First of all, my dream is to have 50,000 subscribers!
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Ticket where you can
get BGM Cumulative 360/yr!

It's okay if you didn't download it this month.
Tickets are created monthly and accumulated indefinitely
You can download plenty during the subscription period.

* When you cancel your subscription, all accumulated tickets will be destroyed.

Music without copyrights.
There are no such things

70 years after the death of the copyright owner The copyright has expired,
o classical music or
Only very old music exists.


Please keep your
precious video safe.

If you want to preserve hard-made content for a long time,
you should use a safe sound source.

It's easy for everyone
Use safe music

It provides the atmosphere you want with the recommendation system
and provides paid music with 100% copyright

Such as search, tag classification,
Focus on service basics

You don't need tens of thousands of songs to make a video
Starting with search logic,
we listened to each song and updated the classification of tags.


Even if there are a lot of songs,
There's no music I want?!

#When will listen to it all? #When will search to it all? #I'll be working late tonight
  • search

    Problems with search logic

    Problems with search logic arrow_creator

    Mewpot solved it.

  • tag

    Insufficient tag classification

    Insufficient tag classification arrow_creator

    The music expert checked
    each song thoroughly.

  • tape

    Old song

    Old song arrow_creator

    Exclude music that is out of trend
    will not be used.

  • computer

    Differentiated music recommendation process

    Differentiated music recommendation process arrow_creator

    Mewpot's AI developer
    recommends similar music!

Mewpot is
We produce the song like this.

I'm recording in the session team
rom music planning to songwriter.
The completed song will be registered after final inspection.

  • Planning Team

    music planning

  • Session Team

    Realize music composition

  • Inspection Team

    External sound source acceptance and feedback