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    Unlimited Music


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    Unlimited SFX


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    Simultaneous connection possible

    Unlimited device registration

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    Unlimited Platforms

    Protect all accounts on the platform you plan to use

Pro membership
Use range Information

  • Available on all platforms except
    TV, radio, and video editing applications! write_star

    Exclusion Examples: TV / Radio / Redistributed Video Application

· Enterprise music optimized for business use is recommended, and a safe license is issued.
· Can generate revenue for YouTube videos
· The downloaded sound source will not be available for new videos after revocation.
· Can Simultaneous connectivity
· If you use a monthly subscription, automatic payment is made every month.
· If you don't have a download within 7 days of the last payment date, you can get a full refund for the last payment if you apply for a refund.
· Music and SFX will be licensed immediately upon download.
· Music with Mewpot in the artist's name among free music is available under a paid license.
· Business License View more

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Famous YouTubers
Why use Mewpot?

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    There are advantages in being able to use it on multiple channels, and in finding safe copyrights and music that fits the video quickly.
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    The quality of the finished version seems to have improved because there are high quality songs suitable for various situations and genres.
  • business_review_third
    I think it's good because there are a lot of Vlogs. I subscribed because there were many sound effects and music for the video.

Mewpot cares
video producers

We are working on everyday!
Just download it and use it.


Focused on the

100% copyright protection
and focused on finding Music
quickly and easily

Number of copyright disputes '0'

There hasn't been a copyright dispute
since the official service!

Focus on service basics
such as search and tag classification

You don't need tens of thousands of songs to make a video
Starting with the search logic, I'll listen to each song by song
I updated the tag classification.


Even if there are a lot of songs,
There's no music I want?!

#When will listen to it all? #When will search to it all? #I'll be working late tonight
  • search

    Problems with search logic

    Problems with search logic arrow_business

    Mewpot solved it.

  • tag

    Insufficient tag classification

    Insufficient tag classification arrow_business

    The music expert checked
    each song thoroughly.

  • tape

    Old song

    Old song arrow_business

    Exclude music that is out of trend
    will not be used.

  • computer

    Differentiated music recommendation process

    Differentiated music recommendation process arrow_business

    Mewpot's AI developer
    recommends similar music!

Mewpot is
We produce the song like this.

I'm recording in the session team
rom music planning to songwriter.
The completed song will be registered after final inspection.

  • Planning Team

    music planning

  • Session Team

    Realize music composition

  • Inspection Team

    External sound source acceptance and feedback